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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Librarians report for the month of February

Librarians report for the month of February

Thank you so much for supporting the Book Fair and for participating in the coffeehouse.  February was 'I Love Reading' month and our students gave awards to books. Please ask your child about the Mouse Match story.  We sang rhymes such as Hungry, Hungry I am so hungry; I can eat 16 bananas and a purple plum. Please encourage your children to make their own rhymes by using the starter words, Hungry, Hungry I am so hungry. On February 15th we celebrated the National Flag Day of Canada. Ashmina Sumaru from Centre from Race and Culture did a presentation about the story of Canada.  I have posted notes about the library class on the following page.

In March, I will focus on the following.

·      March 1: Dr. Seuss birthday celebration

·      March 3: Hina-matsuri Japanese Doll Festival

·      March 4 - 10: Tech Week

·      March 6: Holi Festival of Colors
·      March 7: World Read Aloud Day

·      March 8: International Women's Day

·      March 20-21: World Storytelling Day  (Theme: Trees. This celebration is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling)

·      March 23: Careers: What would you like to work as?

·      March 24: International Adult Literacy Week

·      March 26: Poet Robert Frost's birthday

·      March: Nutritional Literacy Alphabet Soup program

·      March: Magazines, Books made into movies and Mystery books 

I am looking for parent 'Reading Mentors' role models. I would like to invite you to come and read to students. If you would like to give ten minutes a month then please contact me at the school or by email at

Manisha Khetarpal