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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Indigenous approach towards providing library service

Indigenous approach towards providing library service

·         Thinking of the library in terms of a circle/circular flow of energy: Collection of resources, services and programs, space, and relationships

·         Pathfinders and research guides use circular communication style and are descriptive and includes content

·          Virtual Child Project teaching the use of online databases used the skeleton approach used in tipis for oral knowledge transfer

·          Expanding library services to include grant writing such as program development for Culture Days, New Horizons, Diabetes Program Development, and Community Library Practitioners  based on local community issues

·         Nehiyawak Warriors Men's Literacy providing books with Cree cultural content. Guided reading and discussion by using Northern lights and the leading to use of compound words such as highlight

·         Events:  March's Celebration of Colors involved writing Cree words on circles, May's birdhouses and word houses involved creation story about birds and learning the Cree names of birds in our environment, June is Elders awareness month and the launch of human library; the poster includes a story. We created 2 versions of the poster for native and non-native.  Our communication materials such as handouts, invitations, posters, etc reflects indigenous ways.

·         Summer Reading program which has stickers we promote looking at the picture and saying the Cree word.  Example:  Look at the sticker of bear and say Maskwa, look at the picture of goose and say Niska

·         iCOP project involves setting up Indigenous Communities of Practice.  Plus looking at comfort level of working and connecting with other cultures.

Learn: Think 4 ways of saying or explaining an issue or a concept or a practice